ZUMBA Fitness

How about Zumba fitness? How about having fun and losing cellulite at the same time?

If you have extra pounds to shed and you have
stage 2 cellulite or higher, ZUMBA can be an excellent cardio workout for you!

zumba fun fitness for less cellulit

Who doesn’t like to have fun and work out at the same time? If you are tired of running or if you are tired of spinning classes Zumba fitness is a great alternative. It is positive, it is loud, it is energy!

OK. What if you don’t know how to dance?

Zumba is not a dance it is a workout system that uses dance steps. All you need is to find a good class with a good instructor, who will show you the steps.

You can start with a Zumba DVD for beginners at home if you are too shy but a DVD just can not be compared to the real class. Don't be shy, you won't be the only one who doesn't know the moves!

In a class room you actually feel the positive energy. Zumba is absolutely a depression buster!! And the combination of Latin and international dance moves will shape your booty.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it right away. Just feel the music and you will pick it up as time goes by and it will be much easier to do. You will get fitter. Get ready that you will laugh, you will have fun and shake your bums like crazy!! Just remember to take a bottle of water with you and have fun...Go for it!!

Zumba plus some leg lifts, dumbbell squats,and the right dietwill make your cellulite go away. Even couch potatoes should give it a try.:)

Maybe this video below will put you in the mood.

Cellulite Treatment Home from Zumba fitness


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By Livia K

Results after Week 1

Week 2,3.

Week 4!!

Week 5,6 :(

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End of Challenge

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