What is Cellulite?
The 4 Stages.

So, what is cellulite? If you don’t know the answer than probably you are one of those few lucky people who don’t have cellulite at all. Or at least not yet.

Cellulite is often called the orange peel skin or cottage cheese skin because it looks very similar to an orange peel or cottage cheese. Cellulite are little pockets of fat trapped under the skin. Approximately 85% of women have it or will develop cellulite at some point in their lives.

Once you reach puberty and your body’s estrogen level increases you have a chance for developing cellulite.

Other factors can cause cellulite as well.

stage 1 cellulit

Here are some pictures showing different stages of cellulite just to make clear what cellulite looks like. Unfortunately it develops mostly on the butt, thighs, arms and stomach area.

Stage 1: Cellulite development only visible through a microscope. If you don’t see anything yet, good for you! However keep in mind as you age you have a chance of developing cellulite. The best you can do is to keep eating healthy and to keep active.

stage 2 cellulit

Stage 2: If you do the pinch test…cellulite is visible. Without pinching your skin, your butt and thighs still look smooth. Probably this is the hardest stage to improve.

Stage 3: No need to do the pinch test because the dimples are very visible but not spread dramatically and the dimples are not too deep. With lifestyle change you can go back to stage 2.

Stage 4: Cellulite is heavily covering your butt, your legs and even the arms or stomach area. It is very visible. At this stage, probably the person is very overweight. The good news is that with weight loss, the appearance of the skin can be dramatically improved, however hard work and dedication is needed.

stage 3 cellulit
stage 4 cellulite

Look at this picture below: Do you see how bigger fat cells will cause skin to wrinkle and to have dimples on surface? Your goal should be to get those fat cells to a normal size, increase your blood circulation, and get rid of toxic junk.

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Massage cups, Massage Oil, Tea, Loofah etc.