Stretch Marks and Cellulite

Stretch marks and cellulite are often mixed up. These two pictures will help you to decide what you've got. Unfortunately many of us have both. Good news: it is easier to fight against cellulite!

stretch marks vs cellulit

The difference between the two:

Stretch marks are fine lines on your skin and it can develop when growing takes place too fast (in puberty) or by rapid weight gain. Although skin has the ability to stretch... when a very rapid stretching is required (like during pregnancy or during body building) the skin can unfortunately "tear". The fist appearance of stretch marks are reddish, purplish and later eventually they fade, but will keep a lighter color than your natural skin tone.

Once you have them it is hard to get rid of them. There are creams you can buy to help lighten and fade the stretch marks, but the best thing you can do ( and what you should do) are prevention steps!

Use lotion regularly after bathing. Lotions that contain aloe-vera, coconut or vitamin E are great. Use them daily and also don’t forget to drink enough water! Keeping hydrated and keeping your weight under control, is essential.

Now, cellulite is totally different. The skin will show a bumpy texture because of the increased fat cell sizes and toxins are accumulated under the skin due to lack or circulation. With exercises and the right diet, the different stages of cellulite can be reduced.

Probably it is much easier to reduce cellulite than to get rid of stretch marks.

And unfortunately it is very possible that most women have both. Men are lucky: rarely, if not at all, men have cellulite but men can develop stretch marks as well.

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By Livia K

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