Good-bye Jiggly Thighs...
Hello HOT Thighs! :)

If you want to get rid of your jiggly thighs you must do a whole body cardio exercise minimum once a week for at least 40 minutes. If you don't like to run, swim or do aerobic exercises like stair stepping, you can pick hot yoga instead. This is what I do. I combine Bikram yoga and stair stepping. It all depends on my mood :)

On top of that, you can do "spot" training, like working out for your butt, thighs, stomach specifically. Doing only certain "area" training alone will make the process a lot longer and less effective. So sweat is out once a week, do extra butt and thigh toning exercises and you will see results fast.

lunges for hot thighs

The simple and best leg exercises you can do to get rid of your jiggly thighs are lunges. You can make it simple without any equipment. Once you master doing that, you can add weights. Either holding weights in your hand or putting weights around your ankle or both.

You can do lunges every day! Doing it for 5 minutes a day will give you excellent results. And what is 5 minutes? Nothing... oh, yes it is not easy, but if you really want sexy thighs this is the least you can do for yourself!

The correct way to do lunges:

1. Stand straight, feet facing forward, hand on hips.

2. Step 3-4 feet forward with one leg. Both feet are touching the floor still and you are keeping your back very straight.

3. Bend your front knee. You will notice that you are lowering your whole body while your back heel is rising. Your weight should be on your front toes. Make sure that your front knee is behind your front toes. If you make a big enough step when you start, your knee will stay in the right position and you will not injure your knee.

4. Step back to the starting position.

5. Do repetitions for both legs.

TIP: Always concentrate on what you are doing. Always take your time and focus on your thighs. Feel your muscles working! Do 2-3 minutes for each leg.

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