Inner Thigh Liposuction will NOT Decrease Your Cellulite.

If you are thinking about undergoing a whole thigh or even only an inner thigh liposuction procedure to reduce your thighs and to have firmer cellulite free skin, think twice.

Here is a before and after picture of your possible outcome.
Just take a look! Are you kidding me?

Why on earth do you want to waste your money and spend $5K+ for a procedure with an outcome like that? Yes, it is obvious that she became a smaller size than she was. But is that Size 4 looking so much better than the Size 6 before? Actually, her cellulite and her overall skin/body looks worse in my opinion. She could have better results with diet and exercise within 2 month!!

Liposuction will NOT remove cellulite from your thighs and butt.

What can you expect from liposuction?

  • Losses in inches but not weight.
  • Looser skin,
  • Pain for several days if not weeks (burning, muscle pains),
  • Swelling and bruising for a couple of weeks,
  • Therapeutic dress/pressing pants must be worn for nights and days for 2 weeks minimum,
  • 3-4% chance of area numbness,
  • After procedure it s recommended to tighten skin especially on stomach, arms, thighs, which can be done in a beauty salon/special spas for more money.

Although the area where the fat is harvested from your body (that small local area) is permanent, without changing your lifestyle, you can end up with more fat somewhere else. It can become a vicious circle and you can easily get addicted and want to have another lipo.

After lipo, a vacuum massage what is recommended the first place for treating cellulite. If you have looser skin issues right now, you can tighten your skin with massage cups massage cups at home.

In my opinion, liposuction is really unnecessary if we have will power. With the right amount of dedication, those thighs and butt size can be reduced.

Developing muscles, working out IS painful for everybody. And it takes time. However developing your muscles with time, and losing weight with time, will give your body enough time to adjust. This way you can end up with a much firmer skin than this poor lady. OK. If you have lot of weight to shed, than you might need a surgery to remove loose skin. That is very understandable.

I’ve learned to really respect women with toned body because it is not an easy job to keep yourself fit. And I am talking about "real" women who have another profession besides being a fitness trainer.

In my opinion anybody can go down to a size 12-16 without liposuction.

It’s not instant. But if you don’t give up, respect and trust yourself, you can do it! The road will be "bumpy" but stay consistent and you don’t need an inner thigh liposuction ever. Those people who work out, will respect you for your achievements. Be a role model! And start with baby steps! :)

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By Livia K

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