Why is it SO hard to get rid of cellulite??

Cellulite Treatment Challenge: Week 5 and 6

Total Disaster!!

I’ve seen good results around Week 4 but Week 5 and 6 went totally downhill.

Here is MY 3 Reasons why it is hard to get rid of cellulite:

I. Lack of True Commitment and True Dedication / True Willpower

This is where my challenge went totally downhill. Have you ever heard before that it takes 6 weeks to break a bad habit? This might be totally true. I was religiously good at eating right, exercising, using the massage cups and drinking cleansing tea. However at the beginning of Week 5 tiredness and stress sat in and I gave permission to myself to skip just 1 day. It was SO easy to convince myself that I was doing totally awesome for 4 weeks and 1 day will not matter. Well, it does!!

I assume you know the rest. Next day, I had an even better excuse to skip my routine. After that I got angry at myself and almost give up completely. The wakeup call came when I got a comment and message from my readers and I was asked how was the rest of my cellulite challenge going. Right then I’ve realized that I can ’t give up. You can have bad days even weeks, but you must get over it and get back on track. It doesn’t matter that you did not do the right things for a week or two! I did wonderful for 4 weeks straight. Why would you want to throw that away? 4 steps ahead and 2 steps backwards are still 2 steps forward. It is this simple.

Everything happens in our head.

I’ve also changed some things and decided that I won’t be so strict anymore. Something like this:

There were foods that I put on the forbidden list. Instead of forbid yourself to eat let’s say white bread, allow yourself to eat a small piece. Every day you can look forward to those little treats. Or: Instead of forbidding chocolate, allow yourself to have 2 small pieces. Enjoy those bites.

Second reason why it is hard to get rid of cellulite:
II. Lack of Enough Sleep.

I think any challenges requires that mentally you stay stable. If you are not getting enough sleep/rest, it is guaranteed that next day there will be some negative effects to your body. Sleep is extremely important if you are trying to get rid of cellulite. Why?

Lack of sleep can mean:

1. You will drink more coffee than you should. Coffee dehydrates you and that‘s no good. You really need to keep yourself hydrated when you fight against cellulite.

2. Tiredness can trigger over eating especially on sugary items, just to keep you energetic level to normal. Again, this is not good when your on a mission to diminish cellulite.

3. You are more prone to become stressed and irritated. Stress, hormone level changes are correlated with weight gain. Lack of activity, too much sitting will slow your circulation down and toxins can sit in your system for a longer time.

Third reason why it is hard to get rid of cellulite:
III. Lack of Good Support System

I have good friends. However this time when I was in "trouble" and started to brake my challenge rules, I did not get the right kind of motivation. My friends understood me and told me that I was crazy to begin with. My challenge is way too strict and "no real woman" can do that...

Honestly, I wanted/needed something else at that time. I needed someone who would tell me that I have to get back on track and finish my challenge. I’m not upset with them. They supported me that best they could.

My suggestion is: If you can, start your weight loss, cellulite loss challenge with somebody who is also dedicated, enthusiastic (at least at the beginning) and has the same goals. 4 weeks, 10 weeks, 6 month might sound like a short time to rich you goal but it is not! If you have a "buddy" who walks in the same shoes as you do, it will be much easier to support each other and lead each other in the right direction when help is needed.

So I apologize to those who were expecting a quicker result with total dedication. At least the last 2 weeks can show you that I am not a robot, everybody can have bad days and weeks and that it is pretty normal. I’m trying to forget about the last 2 weeks and continue where I stopped on my cellulite treatment. I also understand by now that cellulite reduction requires more of a lifestyle change and not a short 10 week period. So, if I can’t get rid of cellulite within 10 weeks, I will not be heartbroken. I have more energy than ever to keep moving forward and reaching my long term goal.

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