Dumbbell Squats for Less Cellulite

Dumbbell squats?? Hmmm....You like it or not SQUATS are one of the best exercises you can do to get your butt and thighs into shape.

Did you know that the easiest body part of yours to get into shape is your butt?


Did you know that you only need 3 ingredients to get the best butt of yours ever?

You need nothing else but:

10 minutes per day

dumbbell squats standing positio
suqatting with dumbbell

What can be more simple than this? Willpower! If you want it bad, you will get it. That's all. If you not going to get it, you don’t want it bad enough. :)

You will always achieve what you want! Have you noticed that? If you put enough work and effort to it, sooner or later you will get it! Guaranteed!

You can do just simple basic squats, you can do dumbbell squats to make it harder. You can have your legs shoulder-with apart or wider while you do squat exercise.

But let’s see the basic squat that these pictures are showing.

1. Get the starting position right.

2. Legs are shoulder apart. The back is straight. The belly pulled in and the chin is up facing forward. It's best to do this in front of a mirror, so you can look at your body position and correct it easier if necessary. Always face forward and concentrate on the position.

3. Now lower your butt (stick it out, like you would sit on a chair) You can even put a chair behind you if it makes it easier and slightly touch the chair with your butt.

4. Your squatting low enough if your thighs are parallel with the ground. Make sure that your knee is not moving in front of your toes.

5. Push yourself up slowly and squeeze your butt while you are coming back to the staring position.

6. Make this up and down movement slowly while counting:1-2-3 HOLD 1-2, Up:1-2-3.

After Dumbbell Squats Do Some Lunges

Don't Forget Your Inner Thighs!

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By Livia K

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