Do at Home Cellulite Massage

Why do you have cellulite? And why do you need cellulite massage?

Cellulite or the orange-peel skin look is caused by enlarged fat cells and trapped toxic waste. Fat cells are filled with trapped metabolic end products and when cellulite develops it is a sign that these end products can not be excreted from the body. During normal circumstances your lymph system helps to get rid of these toxic waste.

The lymph system can’t move on its own (like blood flows with the help of your heart), muscle contraction is needed to move the fluid.

On the other hand the muscles are only able to push toxic waste into the lymphatic vessels if the surrounding connective tissues are strong and tight. Tight and strong connective tissues are needed to provide appropriate resistance.

Unfortunately most women have weak connective tissues, so the muscles pumping function can not work properly.

Why do you have loose connective tissues?

1. It can be genetic.
2. Lack of sports.
3. Yo-yo dieting.
4.Lack of water.
5. Possibly lack of silicium and zinc in your body.

If the lymph system can’t circulate as it is needed, waste products will build up and cellulite will develop.

This blockage will decrease blood flow to the area as well. Test it! Touch your skin where you have the most cellulite. Probably you will have a "cooler" skin sensation.

To avoid all that you need to enhance blood supply and you need to stimulate the lymphatic system to function properly. You also need stronger connective tissues.

Unfortunately diet will do little for stronger connective tissues.

It is good to lose weight if you are overweight for several other health reasons, but don’t expect that without exercise and cellulite massage you will have a tighter skin.

What helps to develop stronger connective tissues?

1. Body wraps.
2. Vacuum massage.
3. Lymph drainage.
4. Active, healthy lifestyle.

Do you need any massage equipment or any special cellulite massager?

The easiest "tool" can be your own hands. Lufa sponges, brushes are good as well but the best result comes if you go to a massage salon and have a certified massage therapist perform the massage. If you can not afford it, your next best bet is massage equipment that stimulates lymph flow and makes your connective tissues stronger.

The massage that is demonstrated bellow uses a very simple cellulite massage equipment. It is a small silicone cup that creates a small vacuum made by Bellabaci. The vacuum improves micro-circulation to the tissues. It helps to restore blood flow to the area and also to detoxify the tissue.

Does cellulite massage hurt?

Using the Bellabaci Cups:

You can get used to it but it is uncomfortable at the beginning. If you don’t feel anything, probably you are not doing hard enough. During the massage the affected skin area will become red. Make sure not to leave the cup in one area too long because a red ring mark can occur. It is temporary, but you will not be able to wear your favorite mini-skirt right after the massage ;)

Get rid of Cellulite

What is a good technique?

Use straight lines moving the massage cups always upwards. You can also use circular motions, zigzag motions.

Make sure to apply enough massage oil to the area. Move the cups upwards this way you helping the fluid to move to the right direction.

When you shouldn’t use vacuum massage?

If your skin has any of the following condition:
Open lesions,
Sunburned or broken skin,
Skin inflammation,
Varicose veins.

If you have cancer or any type of serious health condition or pregnant, please ask your doctor if a self vacuum massage is right for you.

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