Cellulite Home Remedies

Treat Your Orange Skin at Home

Cellulite Home Remedies: 10 Doable Steps to
Reduce Cellulite in Your Home
without Spending Big Bucks

To get rid of your cellulite at home, without any professional treatment, will take time and will ask for your effort. But it is possible!

Get ready that it will take minimum of 3 month, although you should see changes after 6 weeks. If you have a stage 4 cellulite,it can take up to 6 month or more.

cellulite home remedie

Once you reduced your cellulite, it is also very important to maintain it. If your diet will go back to "normal" or you will skip exercising, your cellulite will be back.

Please also note that you will not only benefit with less cellulite but also you will end up with a stronger body and a stronger immune system. Don’t give up! It is not easy but it worth it to get stronger and healthier!!

So here are my cellulite home remedies tips step by step:

1. You must go on a cellulite fat burning diet:Read the suggestions you need to make to have a chance for reducing your cellulite.

2. Exercise: You can’t skip this one either but the collection of these cellulite exercise routines will help you to start.

3. Reduce alcohol to the minimum and quit smoking. This is simple. Alcohol full with sugar, adds unwanted calories and also an extra work for your liver. Smoking slows down your body’s ability to detox the waist from your body.

4. Make friends with the loofah sponge.Regular uses of loofah sponges and a home made anti cellulite body scrub can speed up your body’s fat burning activity. It is not the most comfortable thing to scrub yourself but the silky smooth skin in return will help you to deal with the "pain".

5. Scrub and exfoliate. Home made body scrubs are easy to make and so much cheaper than what you can get at spas. Use your loofah sponge to rub the paste in. Try these homemade sugar scrub recipes.Or salt-bases scrubs.

6. Homemade cellulite body wrap and massage. Coffee, coffee grounds and cellulite.
Essential oil anti-cellulite body wrap. All of them are useful.

7. Relax and drink herbal tea: Make this as a habit. You should try to sleep 7 hours minimum and drink as much herbal tea as you can. With no sugar, of course.

8. Hot and cold showers: Good ways to "exercise" your blood vessels, and get circulations going.

9. Cellulite cream: It is useful but using cellulite cream alone will not do that much. Follow the useful advices on this site and your cellulite cream can be a good part of your cellulite fight.

10. Drink water. This should be an ongoing and never ending project. :)

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Massage cups, Massage Oil, Tea, Loofah etc.