Arm Exercises for Women

How to Get Rid of Flabby Arms and Cellulite on Arms?

Good news: If you do the recommended arm exercises for women, you will see changes FAST! It is much easier to get rid of fat on your arms or even make those cellulite dimples disappear in no time.

The bad news: You need to get into action, follow a good diet and here is how:

flabby ar

If you have cellulite on your arms, probably you have access weight all over your body, not just on your arms. What to do?

Combine cardio exercises with weight training.

Cardio exercises are an absolute must. Maybe it sounds strange that instead of specific arm exercises for women, we talk about cardio exercises first. You need to understand that if you have cellulite on your arms, probably it is a sign that toning alone will not help. You need to melt fat away and it is faster to do and your toning exercises will be much more visible if you do cardio fist. The result will be apparent faster.

Cardio exercises: Start with MODERATION. Never compare yourself to others, only focus on YOUR achievement. Each time if can do a little more, you are doing wonderful! If you can walk/ run an extra corner, be very proud of yourself!

Start with Cardio:

1. Walking first. If you can handle walking for 30 minuts then you are doing good and it is time to switch to a more difficult level.

2. Light jogging. First, just 1 minute. Walk after that. Work yourself up, so you can do light jogging for 30 minutes.

3. Time to combine light jogging with a 30 second sprint and so on.

If running is not your style, swimming is another great way to get some cardio exercise done. It is easier on the joints as well.

Arm exercises for women AFTER cardio exercises.

Yes, it is important to combine cardio and weight training.

What can these arm exercises for women be?

1. Pushups are awesome. Can’t do a full body pushup? Don’t worry! Put your knee down and try it this way. If you can do 1, trust me, the next day or so, you can push yourself to do 2. Work yourself up to 20. Later try to do a whole body pushup, so you are not putting your legs down. Be patient with yourself, the results will come. Time is on your side

knee down push up 1
knee down push up 2

arm curls for wome

2. Biceps curls using very light dumbbells at first!

You can even fill a water bottle at first. Once it gets too easy to do, you can invest in dumbbells. If you have access weight, make sure that you don’t start out with weight that are too heavy. It is enough for your body/joints to carry the extra weight. Be nice to yourself but NEVER feel so sorry for yourself that you don't exercise.

How to do it?

Just hold water bottles/dumbbells, one in each hand straight down, next to your legs. Turn your hands forward, so your palms are facing forward. Now, lift dumbbells, bending elbows. Focus on your biceps, while doing it. If you focus on what you are doing, it will be much more effective.

3. Triceps Curls.

A very effective exercise, you don’t even need to use any dumbbells, your own weight can provide good resestance. If you can’t hold your weight yet, use a dumbbell instead, like the girl on the exercises ball doing it.

However, try the triceps curls using a chair. It is very effective.

triceps workout with chai

Even 2 or 3 will start to work those muscles that you want to get in shape. Work yourself up to 12 and repeat it 2 or 3 times. Make sure that you bring your arms down parallel to the floor.

If you have any joint problem, shoulder pain, don’t push yourself to hard. You must feel that your muscles are working but you shouldn’t feel sharp joint pain.

By the way, if you have pain while you are running or weight lifting, I would recommend to try yoga, especially Bikram Yoga.It is easy on the joints, and it is a great way to get rid of cellulite.

Drink plenty of water and follow this diet.Good luck! You will get there!!

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