Professional Anti Cellulite Massage

Anti cellulite massage is the most effective if it is done by a professional. These professionals are trained massage therapist, who were also specialized to do cellulite massage.

There are 2 ways to approach a cellulite massage.

1. To break up the fat with physical pressure.
2. Holistic way with a lymph cleanse.

If you decide to do any of them, especially if you want to go the more "holistic" way, make sure that the therapist is trained to performe the lymph massage/ lymph drainage. It can do more harm than good, if it is not done correctly.

So, what’s the difference between to two?

anti cellulit massage

1. Deep Tissue Cellulite Massage

A "regular" anti cellulite massage is done with fairly strong movements, it can actually hurt. If you have sensitive skin, you can even look bruised and red. But don’t worry, it will go away.

My therapist used a special anti cellulite massage oil, which had paprika and cinnamon in it. It was to the point that I almost felt a small burning sensation. She used her palms and fingers, pushing her fingers actually deep into my skin (or at least it felt like that) and did little circular motions.

pinching cellulite massage

There was a lot of pulling and pinching as well. The session lasted 40 minutes and it was 45 USD. It wasn’t painful but I wouldn’t call it relaxing either. She recommended to do this massage 3-4 times a week for 2 weeks at least. The other instruction was to drink lots of water and to follow a diet that was full with fiber. She didn’t want me to do any strength training during those days because it is harder "to loosen up" the area. I tried this anti cellulite massage once, so I could tell you about my experience. However I am thinking about putting it into my cellulite reduction treatment plan on a regular basis, once I come up with my routine.

lymp massage

2. Lymph Cleanse

The other cellulite massage that strictly requires a trained massage therapist is the lymph massage. A lymph drainage massage or lymph cleanse wasn’t actually developed for reducing cellulite but later it was noticed that cellulite was decreasing dramatically.

It is a very smoothing, relaxing massage. It helps the body’s lymphatic system to get moving again and helps the immune system to function properly.

lymph system

What is the lymphatic system and what does it do for you?

The lymphatic system is part of the immune system. It contains: hundreds of lymph nodes, and lymph vessels that run throughout your body. Similar to the veins and arteries (which carry the blood), it carries a clear fluid called the lymph. The lymph is a thick fatty fluid that contains white blood cells and antibodies. It has a function to absorb fluid, waste products, dead cells, bacteria, viruses, fats, and proteins from the tissues. It transports 3-4 liters lymph a day.It can’t move on its own, your body tissues/muscles are helping the lymph to move. A healthy lifestyle helps you lymphatic system to function properly and helps the lymph to flow. Cellulite is a sign that fluids don’t move properly, your circulation is poor in your body. A proper lymph massage can help the flow and reverse the buildup, so it can help your body to cleanse itself and to achieve a smooth skin.

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By Livia K

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