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Ladies, performing a complete cellulite reduction treatment for 10 weeks will help to lower cellulite? Starting form stage 3, the goal is to reduce it to the minimum, as best as I can.

I've always dreamed about it, talked about it something like "I will get in shape for next summer" but I've never really had the willpower to follow through. Now, I am ready.


Hmmm... because I am not getting younger, but still young enough to wear shorter skirts and shorts ;) and I also know that my skin is losing collagen, so it is not getting easier to fight cellulite as time goes by.

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If you are desperate, like I am (yes, finally I AM desperate!), what are you waiting for?

 This is "Week" 1. Reality: Orange peel skin, pretty much a stage 3 cellulie on upper legs.

  After reading a lot, I figured out what I will get to try to change the look of my skin:

This was ALL I've got:

1. A loofah sponge
2. Silicone massage cups

3. A bag of Nettle Tea
4. Running shoes, workout DVD and massage oil, which I've already had. I'm sure you have these also, so it doesn't count! ;)

5. Healthy grocery

6. Willpower :)

Do you know how much VelaShape cellulite treatments cost?? My shopping list above is just a very small fraction of that!! And you have to maintain both! VelaShape is not permanent either...

So far here is my result:

Week 4: Lots of willpower and my legs are looking better, aren't they? :)

Throughout this site you will find useful tips on cellulite home remedies, cellulite exercise, cellulite massage, cellulite spa treatments , cellulite creams , medical cellulite treatments and clothing that can actually help you to reduce cellulite and hopefully to get rid of it.

 Week 8: Diet, exercise and using the massage cups regularly are finally showing results!! :)

  I don’t believe in miracles. Creams and day spas can help temporary, but I am a firm believer that exercise, diet and DO AT HOME cellulite massage without spending big bucks, is the only was to improve your skin tone for the long run.

I don’t want to believe in those who are saying that you don’t need to exercise, you don’t need to change your diet, and just rub certain creams into your skin... or get 6 sessions of some fast cellulite treatment like VelaShape and your cottage cheese skin will be gone forever.

Do you really believe all this? It took you YEARS to develop cellulite and with time it is just getting worse. Not from day 1 to day 2.

Give yourself plenty of time to do it. If you still have cellulite in 3 month, well, that's OK. Probably an extra 3 month will help even more.

There is a picture of my legs and butt on the next page and hopefully 10 weeks from now, the result will be much better. I am a firm believer that with hard work and with dedication many things are possible.

Thanks, and please come back for updated pictures and reviews.

Wishing you strength, health and dedication for your cellulite treatment as well:


Ps.: And do you know what? If I can do it, than YOU can do it too!! :)

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By Livia K

Massage cups, Massage Oil, Tea, Loofah etc.

Better after 8 weeks :)